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Alberta Community Networks


Saskatchewan Association of Community Networks


(NCF) National Capital FreeNet

Brant FreeNet

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Provincial Server

Chebucto Community Net

International Community Networks:

International Community Networks
(Links you to other community networks around the world.)

Australian Community Networking

(EACN) European Alliance for Community Networking

UK Community Online

(AFCN) US Association for Community Networking

University of Michigan Community Networking Page

Rural Telecommunications Congress

National Links:

Industry Canada - Community Access Program (CAP)

Home Page

CAP's British Columbia Page

British Columbia CAP Success Stories

Urban CAP

CAP Youth Employment Information

BC CAP Youth Employment

CCWEAC Handbook for Students

CAP Site Creation Info

Smart Communities Initiative

British Columbia Internet Association (BCIA)

Home Page

Information, Science and Technology Agency (ISTA)

Home Page

Communities Connect Program

The Electronic Highway Accord

British Columbians and the Internet

Office of Learning Technologies (OLT)

Home Page

Telecommunities Canada, INC

Home Page


Community Learning Network

Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC)

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Community Computer Networks