Registering as an IP (Information Provider)

To apply as an IP, an account for each organization must be registered the same way you would register a personal account. The account is to be registered in the name of the person who will be maintaining/editing the web pages (ie. the library staff member in the case of library web pages).

Once this new account has been activated You then need to register your library as an Information provider (IP) from this account that you have created. When you do this, there is a spot to enter additional editors for the site. This is where the login ID's of anyone else who should have access to edit the site goes (ie. student login ID's). Everyone listed as editors will then have access to the web page files.

To register as an IP from the account, just type in "gip" , this will take you to a menu where you can read about what an IP is etc. and where you can register. Then just follow the steps below.

(You can also do it online by visiting

Here are the menu selections to make:

[6]Submit an On-line IP Application Form

     [1]Submit the Online Application Form Now

Fill out the form that will come up. This is what it looks like with some sample entries for you:

Complete this form to initiate your application to be an Information Provider (IP) on 'BCCNA Community Networks Association'.

My name is: Sue Smith________________________
My email address is: aa000@hp.bccna.bc.ca___________

Information Provider Web Site Title:
     * This identifier will be used to point to your IP Home Page
     * Public Library Name________________________________________

Information Provider Electronic Mailing Lists
Private Email List (required):
     * This email list will be used as the target for World Wide Web comments from your Web pages:

***Here you create an e-mail address that will be what the listserv will send info to for the editors of that site. The format must a word followed by -e as in the case of the dummy account I am creating here: dummy-e. Make sure that you select something that is significant to your site for example the Squamish Library could be squamish-e.

* Chief Editor's HP Login ID: aa000_________      * Additional Editors (optional): aa111,aa222____________________
     Comma separated list with no spaces

***The chief editor is the person that will be maintaining the page. The additional editors are anyone else that may be helping with page maintenance.

When you are ready: Submit IP Application Information or Clear the Form

Once you have submitted the form, another form comes up which is pretty much self explanatory. Fill out this second form, and then all you have to do is wait for it to be activated. You will be notified via e-mail when it is ready.

Once your IP is set up, your pages that you have been working on can be installed there.

Installing into your IP account

Once your IP has been activated, you are ready to install the files from your personal account into the IP account. To install your pages, you need to go into your account where the pages are currently located. Get the cursor on the directory/files that you want to put into the Ip and type "f". This will bring up a menu of options. One of the options (#3) is to install. Select this one, it will bring up a listing of directories where you can install to. Select the directory where you want to install your pages and hit enter or the right arrow key. It will automatically install for you. Your new address will then become (in the case of the Libraries):

* just make sure that you call the main page index.html

Editing in your IP account

To edit your files in your IP account, login to your personal account. Once you have logged in, type


you can also bookmark this file so you don't have to type this everytime.

This will bring up a listing of all of the directories/files that you have installed into your IP. You can then position the cursor next to the file/directory that you want to work on and type "f". This will bring up a list of options, the same as when you do this in your personal accounts. To edit the page content, select the page you want to edit, and when that page is displayed, type "e". This will bring the page up into the Pico editor for you to work on it.