For users who have dialed in to 'British Columbia Community Networks Association' and are using the Lynx Browser, all documents are available by positioning the highlighted bar using the four arrow keys. You can move around and explore the system by following the current Hypertext Link identified under the highlighted bar. If you press [Enter/Return] now, the current link will take you to other ways moving about the system.
                    Reposition the Highlight Bar
                       on the Previous Link    
            Go Back to           |             Follow the
             Previous      <--       -->    Highlighted Link
             Document            |         to the Next Document
                     Reposition the Highlight Bar
                         on the Next Link

If you are a logged in user, guest or otherwise, and your keys are malfunctioning, you can press [k] now to obtain a Keymap for Lynx. This keymap will give you several alternate methods for moving around the 'British Columbia Community Networks Association'.

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