Welcome to Falkland

“The Community  that Cares”

Welcome to Falkland

Falkland, British Columbia, is a rural settlement of about 600 residents, situated along Highway 97, between Vernon and Kamloops.

 In a narrow part of the Salmon River Valley at the base of Tuktakamin  Mountain, the area was originally known as Slahaltkan, an Indian name meaning "meeting of the winds”. 

Not a windy place in fact, the story goes that natives didn’t favour the area for hunting camps because of downdrafts and the frequent shift in wind direction. It was impossible to stay out of campfire smoke 

Falkland was named after Colonel Falkland Warren, an English gentleman and early pioneer of the valley who pursued the establishment of a post office in the area.



Falkland Valley

Falkland today... is home to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of its early settlers, along with a slowly increasing mixture of newcomers who relish the community’s stability and friendliness.

Newcomers find Falkland is both community and family oriented. Life centres around the primary grade school and the community hall.

The image of Falkland … is a ranching community. But forestry, small business, and retirement income provide economic support.

Images of Falkland

Children of Falkland

For some…  Falkland is a bedroom community;  a safe place to raise children in a caring environment.

For others… it is a haven. Falkland has more than its share of exquisitely talented people from a whole range of backgrounds. In their homes, their blue jeans, their gardens or studios, they are invisible.

People of Falkland

If you pick the right dates you’ll find Falkland celebrating:

The Falkland Rodeo  (May long weekend), 

Daisy Days (August), 

Canada Day (Falkland has the largest Canadian Flag), or 

 hosting International Dog Sled Races (January).


There are several small fishing lakes only minutes away, lodges, back roads,
friendly people and, in the Winter, lots of room to snowmobile

Falkland has good water, clean environment, railway, highway, natural gas, and substantial hydro capability. Within commuting range of Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, Armstrong, and Salmon Arm, it has growth potential for retirees, as a bedroom community and the establishment of light industry.

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